POSI WORLD is proud to present our Kids Social Skills Enhancement Program. This Program is  held at Rogers Park in Inglewood, California. The sessions are every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4-6 pm. We cover a multitude of topics and engagement activities such as honesty, integrity, accepting consequences, and embracing others. Every lesson includes a public speaking aspect, a social skills engagement activity, followed by a journal exercise, finally concluding with our inspirational "Quote of The Day". Our Organization strongly believe that Proper Etiquette and Social Skills Engagement translates into high levels of confidence and opportunities. Our focus are middle aged kids (ages 6-11). A plethora of  proven studies indicate this is a pivotal age group where about many kids are beginning to shape their moral compasses in addition to  developing crucial interactive skills. This is especially pertinent in the digital age, as large amounts of social interactions take place primarily online. We do not discredit technology whatsoever, instead we wish to focus on the tangible benefits from engaging first hand within society, all while explaining and reinforcing  proper social skills techniques. Our Program provide these kids with a clear understanding of the values of tolerance, inclusiveness, equality, and positivity in all aspects of life. We are simply about promoting and affecting positive change globally.  For any additional information regarding this program please write us at: We humbly and graciously look forward to all those wishing to join in this wonderful movement.