"THINK POSITIVE, DREAM POSITIVE, BE POSITIVE" is the official mantra of POSI WORLD. Our sole mission is to promote Positive Characteristics among kids globally. POSI WORLD was created as a platform for middle age kids to engage freely in positive building behavioral techniques and applying them accordingly. We understand the value of promoting and encouraging kids to feel confident about choosing a positive lifestyle while inspiring other kids to do the same. We welcome all kids and adults alike to come join in POSI WORLD and to help affect positive change globally. We are very proud of the steady growth POSI WORLD has been experiencing, furthermore our organization is committed to expanding locally, nationally and globally. POSI WORLD emphasizes an all inclusive environment in addition to encourage individuality, respect, and compassion for others. There are so many positive aspects to life, therefore we wish to continue furnishing the world with positive actions. We encourage all kids and adults to come and join in POSI WORLD where we all "Think Positive, Dream Positive, Be Positive". 

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